An archive of the sermons and preaching of St Andrews Baptist Church in Fife, Scotland.

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14 July 2024 - Tyler Hoagland

Tyler continues our series on the writings of the Old Testament quoted by Paul.  Today, we are examining Genesis 15 and God's faithful promise-keeping.

7 July 2024 - Paulus de Jong

Paulus begins a new series in our evening services entitled "Puzzling Prophets", focusing on the Elijah and Elisha narratives from the Books of Kings.  Paulus demonstr...

7 July 2024 - Abi Ngunga

Abi begins a new series entitled "Written For Our Hope", examining passages in the Old Testament quoted by the Apostle Paul.  Today, we are beginning with Genesis 12:1-9.

30 June 2024 - Abi Ngunga

Abi concludes our series on the Book of Romans, preaching from Chapter 16 on Paul's doxology.

23 June 2024 - David Moffitt

David Moffitt preaches from Luke 7, on "More of His Compassion", closing our evening series on "More of".

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