An archive of the sermons and preaching of St Andrews Baptist Church in Fife, Scotland.

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15 October 2023 - David Moffitt

David Moffitt continues our series on the Book of Romans

8 October 2023 - Fiona Barnard

Fiona preaches from Luke 18:9-14 and Psalm 62:5 about humility in Jesus' parables.

8 October 2023 - Ethan Knudson

Ethan Knudson continues our series on the Book of Romans, preaching about Abraham as the model of faith from Romans 3:27-4:25.

1 October 2023 - Abi Ngunga

Abi offers two reflections during our evening service "praise and prayer" night.

1 October 2023 - Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes preaches from Romans 3:21-26, continuing our series on the Good News.

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